Winter Ride: But Why?

Winter is subjective in Calgary. Snow can fall from the sky any month of the year (seriously). And, there is always at least one real snowfall before Hallowe’en, without fail. Mother Nature usually waits until October, but sometimes it even happens in September! One such storm was so epic it was dubbed “Snowtember”.

Never fear, these are all superlatives. For eight or more months of the year, Calgary is dry, sunny sunny sunny, and an excellent climate to live in. For the other four, most of it is dry, usually with not much snow (because it’s so dry), and relatively mild for winter. Sometimes even downright hot, depending on the Chinook. (20ºC on the 20th of December? It has happened.)

Fresh tracks on the old Rideau Bridge, April 12, 2012. Photo credit: Desmond Bliek

This year, winter struck the day after Hallowe’en. Full on winter that hasn’t let up. Temperatures plummeted well below OºC and we got a good blanket of snow, everywhere. While winter solstice doesn’t happen for another six weeks or so, the studs are now on.

How we roll

We keep on riding through the winter. Sometimes we walk. Occasionally we grab a ride on the train. The first fall we moved back to Calgary, my husband made a commuting rule about snowfall and taking transit instead; he applied the rule one morning and slipped and fell on his way to the bus stop, breaking his wrist. He no longer has a rule about snowfall (or it is a much higher threshold now).

I haven’t really had much reason to “commute” in the traditional sense since we moved back to Calgary. In Vancouver, I had been a committed any-and-all weather bike commuter; upon arriving back in Calgary I had a newborn baby and no paid work to get to every day. Fast forward to 2017 and I have two kids, one of whom is now in full day school that is a long enough distance away that biking is the preferred mode of transportation and I still don’t have paid work (unless you count the pennies I make blogging). We commute to school, mostly by bike.

So, that’s what we do. Rain, sleet, hail, or snow. It’s all good. It’s tricky after a fresh snow fall, but it’s a good challenge and totally doable even with two young kids along for the ride. (Although, I could really do without the sleet and hail.)


It is now month three of school and my eldest has never had a ride to school… in the traditional sense of the expression “ride”. She has ridden herself to school and has been a passenger catching a ride on the back on my husband’s longtail cargo bike. But, she has not set foot in a car or bus to get to school. She has ridden, been a passenger in our bakfiets, or walked home for all but three occasions (when we needed to keep moving westward after school and biking didn’t work logistically-speaking because of bedtime).

This is something that I’m proud of. It also saves us a shit-tonne of money and keeps me relatively fit and sane.

When I started my new chapter of commuting actively — this time with kids, I had two small children in tow and my eldest was starting preschool. My rule was that I had to self-propel one way, at least. Three years later and now it is a rarity to take the car, if ever. I now mostly bike, but sometimes walk if I still need to squeeze in a dog walk. It’s a nice change of pace, too.

Elbow River Pathway, November 7, 2017.

I suppose that I am lucky where I live. We are within spitting distance of a world class off-street pathway system that takes me to many of my (curated) destinations. I hint at “curated” because I tend to pick and choose the businesses that I frequent or the extra-curricular activities that I sign our kids up for based on their proximity to good to excellent cycling infrastructure. We took a hit for housing size and quality in return for excellent accessibility to this network so that at least one of us could actively transport ourselves to work. I am so glad that we did.

This winter

Keep your eyes peeled on this space to read about my musings on winter riding. Things I love. Things I’m not a fan of. My favourite hacks. Special gear. Riding with kids. Cargo biking in the winter. E-assist in the winter. You name it. In fact, feel free to ask this cargo biking mom any questions in the comments section, below.

If you are in Calgary next Tuesday, November 14th,
I’m going to be a part of a small panel discussion called
“Shift Into Winter: Winter Cycling Workshop”
held at Two Wheel View from 6-8 pm.
Please RSVP, it’s free.

Winter Ride

Keep riding all winter long because you can. Because it is an awesome way to start the day. Because it is peaceful. Because we’re Canadian and we have a winter that we might as well embrace. Because YOLO.

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5 Replies to “Winter Ride: But Why?”

  1. Love your informative blog! We will be watching for more….. @CanmoreCruisers

  2. Lindsay! Don’t stop biking or writing. I want to hear all about winter riding with kids on a long-tail. Ski helmets? Goggles? Do wind screens exist for rear seats? Are the same car-seat rules re: bulky clothing applicable to bike seat harnesses? How do you keep them warm? I’ve seen internet pictures of people rigging a stroller cover over a Yepp… have you tried this? Do you know someone in Calgary who uses this kind of set-up? There… three more posts worth of content for you. <3

    1. Excellent! And don’t worry, won’t stop biking or writing any time soon 🙂 Thanks for the questions!!! I’ll work at answering your them here and in person. Oh, and quick answer re longtail in snow — apparently the Haul-a-Day is doing great; that’s how M gets to school in the mornings with dad. In fact, it’s better with her than without her!

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